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Our History

The Kohinoor Family were traditionally with the Mughals in Delhi, where they lived in old Delhi at Chandhi Chowk. Our ancestors moved to Agra in 1857 with the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, into the old walled city of Mughal Agra.

The British rulers bestowed on us property at Old Drummond Road in Agra (now known as Mahatma Gandhi Road). Our ancestors started the business at the above address in 1862, which is being continued now by the fifth generation.

(Late) Mr. Brij Gopal Mathur, great visionary and connoisseur of gems, jewellery and art, was the moving force in ably bringing Kohinoor Jewellers to great heights. The business reached a pinnacle under the pioneering vision of talented and gifted Mr. Ghanshyam Gopal Mathur, who relentlessly worked to create a niche in exclusive jewellery with gems of heighest quality.

Mr. G.G. Mathur is ably assisted by the fifth generation talented descendents of the family. Daughter, Ms. Ruchira Mathur designs original creations for Kohinoor Jewellers with great elan. Son, Mr. Milind Mathur, Graduate Gemologist from G.I.A. Carlsbad, California U.S.A, ably looks after the quality control and is the Creative Director of the company.

The Kohinoor Museum

The Kohinoor Museum

The Mathur family are jewelers, collectors and promoters of rare pieces of art and artifacts since 1862. An exquisite private collection of needle and thread, three dimensional handcrafted embroidery and precious artifacts are passionately preserved and showcased to connoisseurs from all over the world, in a state of the art sound and light extravaganza fondly known as “The Kohinoor Museum”.